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Teen Empowerment


Rate: $125
Length: 50 minutes

“Kindness can transform someone’s dark moment with a blaze of light. You’ll never know how much your caring matters.” - Amy Leigh Mercree

Why your child may need an empowerment session?

It can be challenging to differentiate between normal teenage behavior and underlying emotional and mental issues. You may think your child is just going through a phase and will grow out of it, or you may feel guilty for not taking action sooner. We understand these struggles and can help guide you and your child through this process. Our compassionate and experienced therapists can provide your child a safe and supportive environment to explore their feelings, identify healthy coping skills, and develop strategies to overcome obstacles.

  • Are you concerned about your child's transition into adulthood and finding it difficult to navigate the changes? 

  • Do you notice your child exhibiting low self-esteem or poor body image? 

  • Are they struggling with poor coping skills, such as drug use, overeating, or acting out? 

  • Have you observed significant changes in your teen's behavior or a major life event, such as a loss or divorce?

Increase in awareness

Your child will become more mindful of their emotions, behaviors, and potential triggers. This is a significant accomplishment for adolescents, as this time is often shaped by their peers' approval. Your child will learn to appreciate themselves for their natural gifts and talents and value others for theirs.

Increase in problem-solving skills

In therapy, they will work through their issues in a non-judgmental environment and use creative approaches to find solutions. Through expressive arts, music therapy, and narrative therapy, the therapist can help the adolescent sort through their feelings and emotions.

Increase in self-esteem

Adolescent counseling can improve your child's overall mood, self-worth, and confidence, boosting their self-esteem while also working with them to use various outside resources to cope with their situations.

Benefits for Teens

Increase in communication

Therapy is an excellent tool for your teen to learn and practice basic communication skills to help lessen bullying and peer pressure. We believe that it is equally important for your teen to have the space to communicate with their caregivers, which is why family sessions are highly recommended. In family sessions with your teen, we use creative approaches to build communication and discover family strengths.

Improvement in school performance

Counseling can increase teens' motivation and help them prioritize their goals. When they have a better understanding of who they truly are and what motivates them, it is easier to achieve academic success that comes from internal drive rather than external distractions.

What can I expect during these empowerment session?

Your first session with us will be 60 minutes long. During this session, we will discuss the reasons you are seeking counseling for your teen, the expectations of counseling, establish goals, and develop a specialized plan. Part of this first session will be with the teen and caregiver present and the remaining of the session will be for the teen. Ongoing sessions will continue to be 50 minutes in length.

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