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Rate: $125
Length: 50 minutes
Meditating Outdoors

True self-love is unconditional. It requires you to love in the morning when the sun is warm and shining. It also demands your faith during the dark knight, when you have nothing to hold onto and your resolve is fragile. - Anonymous 

Individual therapy sessions provide a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental space to work through distressing emotions, thoughts, and memories. We’ll work together to figure out what’s holding you back. We’ll then develop an individualized evidence-based plan to help you move forward. 

These sessions can also be valuable for people who consider themselves doing reasonably ok but want to learn how to feel and function even better.

Issues commonly addressed: 

  • Are you having difficulty loving parts of yourself? 

  • Are you having difficulty setting boundaries with loved ones or intimate partners? 

  • Have you noticed a pattern of self-destructive behaviors? Such as disordered eating? Isolation? Aggression? Increase in drinking or drug use?

  • Are you a loved one who is experiencing a difficult time supporting someone through their healing journey? 

  • Are you experiencing trauma flashbacks? 

  • Do you have a difficult time making and maintaining authentic relationships? 

  • Are you experiencing low self-esteem or low self-worth?

Benefits of Counseling

The benefits of individual psychotherapy include the opportunity to work on specific personal issues in a safe and supportive environment. It can help individuals gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Moreover, individual psychotherapy allows clients to set goals and work towards them with the guidance of a trained therapist.

Potential benefits of therapy include: 

  1. Better communication skills 

  2. Better sleep

  3. Increased happiness and life satisfaction

  4. Feelings of empowerment; improved mental function and productivity; fewer missed days from school or work

  5. Improved relationships and interactions with other people

  6. Improved physical well-being, such as lower blood pressure or reduction in chronic pain

  7. Development of skills for coping with daily life challenges and stress

  8. Improved management of behavioral health challenges, such as reducing or quitting smoking or drinking alcohol

What can I expect during our sessions?

We use a strength-based, evidence-based, and systemic approach to our sessions. Our first session will be 60 minutes and examine therapeutic goals, aspirations, and expectations. On-going sessions will be 50 minutes.

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