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Rate: $250

Length: 90 minutes

Quality Time

Healthy relationships inspire you to become a better person. - Anonymous

What brings someone to Couples Counseling?

  • Are you feeling ignored or misunderstood in your relationship? 

  • Do you feel like the kids are getting in the way of your partnership? 

  • Do you have differing beliefs or values that are getting in the way of your relationship? 

  • Are these different perspectives impacting your ability to be intimate with your partner? 

  • Do you have a past trauma that is impacting your ability to be intimate with your partner?

The concept of allowing someone to have a front-row seat in your relationship can be intimidating and uncomfortable. After all, a partnership is a special and personal bond, and it's natural to have concerns about someone forming an opinion about your dynamic. However, couples counseling can provide a safe and supportive environment that acknowledges and respects the uniqueness of your relationship. A skilled therapist can offer an impartial, evidence-based perspective and provide you with tools and techniques to improve your communication, deepen your connection, and identify common ground.

What should I expect from our sessions?

At our counseling center, we believe in helping couples tackle conflicts head-on. Rather than avoiding or running from relationship problems, we encourage partners to use these opportunities to deepen their bond. We teach effective communication skills, such as holding emotional space for each other and working towards secure attachment and healing. Our therapists do not keep secrets or deliver uncomfortable messages on behalf of either partner. Instead, if you need to communicate something to your partner, we can schedule individual sessions to prepare for the delivery of that message in a healthy and productive way.

Your first session with us will be 90 minutes long. During this session, we will discuss the reasons you and your partner are seeking counseling, establish goals, and develop a specialized plan. Ongoing sessions will continue to be 60 minutes in length.

What are the benefits of Couples Counseling?

The benefits of couples counseling will depend on the couple seeking help. The more you and your romantic partner are willing to put into your relationship, the better the outcome will likely be. 

If you’re hoping to change or improve your relationship satisfaction, seeing a couples therapist can be the first step. 

Benefits include: 

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your relationship dynamic

  • Get honest, impartial, unbiased feedback

  • A safe space for you and your partner 

  • Begin to resolve relationship roadblocks

  • Begin to see each other’s perspectives

  • Learn strategic and effective coping skills

  • Restore trust

  • Deepen your intimacy and connection with your partner

  • Work on your own self-awareness and personal growth

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